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To design a small home office desk and separate coordinating mobile storage solution.

Research & Positioning

As part of a team we researched into the home office environment, visited a Habitat store, interviewing Habitat customers, surveying people who work from home, analysed competitors, explored the history of the desk and home office, decoded the Habitat brand, examined design and material trends.

Research boards in the studio

Research boards

Habitat brand decodingHabitat brand decoding


Home office desk observations

Common themes were found in home office configuration from the use of a computer and desk light  to positioning a desk close to a window.



Desk analysis

many desks



 The desk as a machine for work

work flow


Habitat store visit and observationsstore visit Desk design trendstrends

Conclusions of research

conclusions of research

Concept generation


concept1 concept2Concept development

The concepts were developed by combining elements of each to include the lamp and fold up storage filing solution.

concept development1 concept development2 concept development3 concept development4 concept development5

drawer opening


Concept realisation

final design

in situ



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