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I’ve always been a fan of Max Lamb‘s work. It is delightfully simple, sometimes crude and explores manufacturing processes. In many cases the designer will make a video that explores the process of creating the product, a highlight being the hexangonal pewter stool that he created through sand-casting on a beach in Cornwall:

Hexagonal Pewter Stool from Max Lamb on Vimeo.

Awarded the ‘Designer of the Future’ award at ‘Design Miami/Basel’ in 2008, Max Lamb explores themes of the materials, manufacturing, uniqueness and the hand made. His poly Chair involved carving a chair out of a block of polystyrene and then treated with a rubber finish.

While the process is clear in the objects that he creates, it is a process borne out of real world experimentation rather than sitting at a computer as is common with many designers. It is refreshing and the story of how his products are created, from granite chairs from a Chinese mine to lathing concrete to create stools are often as interesting as the objects themselves.

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